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I'm a 19 year old sysadmin and programmer of many things, including front-end, back-end development and occasional hobby game development.


Ruby on Rails is my go-to-framework. I'm also famous for being named after the best CSS framework.


I do all my hobby game development in C/C++, and I use C# for GUI programs mostly (using WPF).

Tools I use

Apart from my Hackintosh, Linux is by far my go-to-OS for development. Actually, every OS that can run Vim is a good OS.

Featured Projects


An online platform for hosting Source Filmmaker mods specially designed for the Brony community. From the site:

PonySFM was created as a central place for Bronies to find and distribute SFM content. From models to maps you can download a variety of community-created resources.
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(Yet another) cross-platform game-framework in C++. Built on SDL and OpenGL, it powers things like my algorithm visualiser.

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